International Scholarships For Brazilian Students

International Scholarships For Brazilian Students

International Scholarships For Brazilian Students: Wherever you want to study in the world, it’s likely that there will be scholarships available to apply for. This week we’re focusing on international scholarships that are provided specifically for Brazilian students, including foreign government scholarships, bilateral partnerships and university scholarships across the globe.

If you’re based in Brazil, you may also be interested in attending the QS World Grad School Tour, coming soon to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The tour is a chance to meet universities from around the world, is free to attend, and there are exclusive scholarships on offer to attendees.

For more study abroad scholarships open to students of all nationalities, check this listing.

To study anywhere in the world

  • CNPq Scholarships – The Brazilian organization CNPq lists a number of international scholarships for Brazilian students to study around the world.
  • Instituto Ling Graduate Scholarships – Scholarships for Brazilian students to study for an MBA, MPA, LLM or Masters in Engineering at leading universities abroad. Instituto Ling also offers a scholarship for graduate journalists.
  • Kodak Student Scholarships Program – International scholarships for students studying in selected countries (including Brazil) to study film, film production or cinematography.

To study in Asia

  • IDB-Japan Scholarship Program – International scholarships funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, available to students from member countries including Brazil, Chile and Mexico.
  • Weizmann Institute of Science Morá Miriam Rozen Gerber Fellowship – A fully funded scholarship to study a postdoctoral program at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

To study in Europe

  • Capes-Humboldt Research Fellowship – Post-doctoral Brazilian government scholarships for Brazilian students conducting research in Germany.
  • Edinburgh Global Latin American Masters Scholarships – Graduate scholarships to study in the UK offered by the University of Edinburgh, for Latin American students undertaking master’s level study.
  • Government funding to study in the UK – UKCISA lists a number of government scholarships to study in the UK.
  • Lund University Global Scholarship – Study abroad scholarships for students outside of the EU/EEA to study at Lund University in Sweden at undergraduate and master’s level.
  • LAC-CAF Scholarships– Graduate scholarships for developing countries (including parts of Latin America) to study for the MSc in Latin American Studies at the University of Oxford in the UK.
  • The Newton Prize – Scholarships for students from Newton partner countries (including Brazil) to take part in Newton-funded projects.
  • Orange Tulip Scholarship Program – Study abroad scholarships to study in the Netherlands, funded by OTS Brazil and open to students of all degree levels.
  • Santander Scholarships – International student scholarships for developing countries in Latin America, Asia, Europe and the US, allowing students to study at master’s level at the London School of Economics (LSE). This program is also available at select universities in the UK.
  • University of Nottingham Latin America Masters Scholarship – Nine scholarships of up to £5,000 each are available for Latin American students who have been offered a place to study a master’s degree at the University of Nottingham in any subject.
  • University of Sheffield – A range of international scholarships for Brazilian students to study in the UK at the University of Sheffield.

To study in the US & Canada

To study in Australia & New Zealand

  • Bond University Scholarships for Brazilian students – International scholarships for Brazilian students at Bond University in Australia.
  • Curtin International Scholarships – Merit Scholarship – Scholarships for students from developing countries (including Brazil) to study in Australia at Curtin University.
  • Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students – International scholarships for students of all levels from the Americas, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and parts of Europe to study in Australia.
  • QUT South American Scholarships – Scholarships for students from Brazil and other South American countries to study a PhD at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

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