How To Use Facebook Pay App | Is Facebook Payment system Safe?

How To Use Facebook Pay App For Payments And How Safe is Facebook Payment System

How To Use Facebook Pay App: Facebook messenger is the Facebook pay app that enables users send and receive money from their friends right on the platform. Facebook Messenger payment option is a convenient way to transfer money to friends who are far away on the platform without having to go through bank traditional transaction process or going through a third party app.

You can send and receive money right on your messenger with quick and easy steps and the transaction is done in no time. So, if you are having a hard time sending money to family members or friends far from you, Facebook messenger makes it rather easy for you to do so, since you spend a lot of time on the platform, it becomes even more convenient for you.

How To Use Facebook Pay App For Payments

Now it is quite easy for you to make a payment on your Facebook messenger app, and we will walk you through the process. However, you have to be up to 18 years of age before you can enjoy this service and you can only send money to friends on messenger. To make payments on Facebook pay app:

  • You will need to log into your Facebook account in order to access your messenger account
  • As a first time user, you will have to set up Facebook payment by adding a payment method. To do so, go to SETTINGS menu, then scroll to PAYMENTS, and tap on ACCOUNT SETTINGS. On the account settings, you can then add a bank-issued debit card or link it to your PayPal account.
  • Once you are done with setting up payments, you can now send money to your friends.
  • To send money to your friends, start a new conversation with the friend you want to send money to
  • Click the dollar icon at the lower right of the conversation screen
  • Once you click the dollar sign, a pop-up will appear prompting you to add the specific amount you want to send to your friend
  • Choose the payment method you want to use and click PAY


Is Facebook Payment Safe?

Facebook allows you to send money to your friends and family members on the platform while keeping your card details safe, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your card details. Facebook payment is secured as Facebook uses encrypted messages to keep payment and personal details of users safe on the platform.

However, you have a part to play in keeping your details safe, the Personal identification number (PIN) is meant for you alone and helps you keep your transaction secured as well.

Also, you have to makes sure you send money to people you know, not strangers and avoid clicking on unknown links which may make your account susceptible to scam. Facebook’s payment system is safe and has not faced any security problems since it was launched, so the platform is totally safe for transactions. Once you play your part and keep your PIN secured, send money to only very close friends you can enjoy this platform without worrying about its safety.

How To Receive Payment On Facebook Pay App

The parties involved in the transaction process, that is both the sender and the receiver must ensure that they have their debit cards linked to their Facebook messenger accounts. This means that before you can receive money from your friend on Facebook messenger, you must have added your debit card details to your messenger account.

Facebook sends you a notification once you have been sent money by your friends, once you have your debit card details you can receive it in no time. Though it may take up to 3 business days before reaching you, this, however, depends on your bank.

  • Open the conversation from your friend that sent money to you
  • Click ADD CARD in the message
  • Then add your debit card, and then set up your account if you are receiving money for the first time
  • Then you can receive money sent to you, though it may take some days depending on your bank.

Facebook pay app is a quite convenient way to send money to friends and family members with ease. Facebook Messenger app can be used in making payments to only friends on the platform.

The platform is safe for payment purposes, but you have to ensure you send money to only people you know and keep your PIN only to yourself. Sending money on Facebook requires very easy steps and you are done in no time.

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