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How To Earn Money In Facebook By Clicking Like

How To Earn Money In Facebook By Clicking Like – Want to know how to earn money in Facebook by clicking like? You can earn money from Facebook, by carrying out a simple task of clicking like. Currently the world’s largest platform, Facebook has hundreds of millions of people who log into the platform at every time to do one thing or the other.

People come online to post videos, say what’s on their mind, update their status, chat with friends and family, etc. the list is endless. Facebook on the other hand, tries to keep people glued to their Facebook page, by churning out features and tactics, that makes users to keep coming back for more. As people keep coming back for more, Facebook keeps making more money.

Facebook makes the bulk of its money through advertising. The more people Facebook has on its platform, the more ads it churns out. As people view, and click on these ads, the more Facebook makes money. Thus, Facebook will always want to keep you on their platform.

Since this is the case, you too can devise a means, on how to make money from your time on Facebook. Other than chatting with friends and looking up status updates, you can actually make your time on Facebook count for something.

However, it is not everybody that can put with the demands of making money on Facebook, because of the work you may need to put in. But if you have the time and can put up with the demand, why not?

To make money on Facebook, you need to have many posts and get numerous ads views and clicks. What we mean is that, you must be popular and pull so many followers and friends, in order to make money on Facebook.

How to Earn Money in Facebook by Clicking Like

  • Click to like Facebook Posts and Pages

You can make money out of liking Facebook posts and pages of other people. How does this work?

Other Facebook users from around the globe want to advertise their FB posts and pages. To do this, they engage the services of advertising agencies, to promote their Facebook posts and pages for them. When this is done, it creates an opportunity for you to earn money. How? The advertising agencies, need people to like these posts and pages.

Thus, these agencies, promote these posts and pages to their visitors around the world to enable them click on it. From these advertising, you get the opportunity to get paid by clicking on the Facebook like button. The advertising agency will then pay you to like these pages and posts from their clients.

  • Sharing Facebook Posts

Another opportunity of earning on Facebook, is by clicking on the Share button to share posts. With so many Facebook users, looking for how to promote their content on FB and other social media platforms as well. You can share their posts/links on FB or on other social media sites. When you share their posts, the advertisers get to promote their content to other people as much as they can. Additionally, the more shared links a post can gather, the more FB algorithm promotes their posts.

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The algorithm is designed, to assume that the posts that garner so many shares are good. It assumes that, the more people share it, that’s how much they like it. Thus, it is seen as something that is worth promoting. As the page gets more shares, the algorithm will show it to more people. This will bring in more views for the post from the shares and the Facebook promotion.

With this, the client gets the shares they are looking for, and you on the other hand gets paid for it. However, avoid sharing posts that are not relevant to your audience. You have to ensure that the post, is an interesting one to your audience.

  • Sending Friend Requests

Before now, you send friend requests to people without getting paid for it. You can change the narrative today, by earning money from every single friend request you send. How is that possible you may ask?

Now you have a way of earning money from the friend request you send. There are advertising agencies, that will pay you to send friend requests to people that you find interesting to you. Bear in mind that the maximum limit of friends you can have on Facebook is 5000. So you should choose your friends wisely.

However, understand some of these advertising agencies, do not allow you to unfriend the friends that you make. Once you send a friend request, and it is accepted, you should not delete it later on your private account. Why this is so, is because the FB clients, want friends who are permanent on their accounts. They do not want friends who disappear after a while.

  • Earn Money by Clicking on FB Videos

There are tons and tons of videos on Facebook and more and more people spend hours watching it. With people uploading millions of videos on the platform daily, there’s no way you can run out of videos you can watch. However, the good news is, that you can start earning money from the same videos that you have been watching for free.

There are many FB users, who want to promote their content to as many people as possible. These people, hire advertising agencies to advertise their Facebook content for them. They want their FB posts to have as many views as possible. It is adjudged that, when a post garners more views, people assume that it is a good one. This makes people want to watch, and this keeps giving the post more views.

For this reason, someone will readily pay you to click on their Facebook videos. You get money for watching these videos, and the content owner gets more views.

  • Following Facebook Pages

You can also earn money by following Facebook pages. The pages owners engage the services of advertising agencies, and offer to pay them for each and every follower the provide them with. This opens up an opportunity for you to earn. All you have to, is follow these pages and get paid. The more pages you follow, the more chances you have of earning. But be careful to apply caution. Moderation is the key, because when you follow too many pages, Facebook may penalize you for spamming.

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