Fastest way to find your stolen or lost iPhone – Smart Ways

Fastest way to find your stolen or lost iPhone - Smart Ways

Fastest way to find your stolen or lost iPhone – The moment you realize your iPhone is missing or stolen, there steps you can take to assist you to reduce the risk of permanently losing your phone, by using Apple find my service, the apple finds my service is the key to securing and recovering your device.

Set a Passcode

Some may think using face ID or touch is unnecessary, when using an iPhone. Setting a passcode and using your face or fingerprint to conserve your personal information is very vital, just think of all information on your phone like, your banking apps, private conversation, location of your home and work place, contact, emails, photos etc. No body wants a random stranger to be able to access their device. Securing your device by:

  • Opening settings on your device
  • Access face ID or touch ID and passcode, follow due procedures to set up successfully.

Make sure/enable find my iPhone

After setting a passcode, cross check to see if find my phone is enable, you can enable it by default.

  • Open settings on your device
  • Tap on your name at the top of the screen
  • Then tap on the find my phone feature to turn it on
  • Ensure to cross check if the switches next to find my network and send last connection are on as well.

Can’t find your phone? Turn on Lost Mode

If you play a sound on your iPhone and still can’t find it, turn on Lost Mode. If you already have a passcode to lock your device (you do, right?), that will be required to unlock your device and turn off Lost Mode. If you don’t have one set, you’ll have to create one. You’ll also be asked to enter a phone number and a message that will be displayed on the lock screen asking whoever has your device to get it back to you.

When enabled, Lost Mode will lock the device, prevent notifications and messages from showing up on your lock screen, and continue tracking the phone’s location. The phone will still ring for incoming phone and FaceTime calls. This should help you track down the phone if it’s nearby. Or maybe you’ll be lucky and the person who has the phone will answer it to help get it back to you.

Any credit and debit cards added to Apple Pay, along with student IDs and transit cards stored in the Wallet app, will be disabled until you regain access to the phone and log in to your iCloud account.

If the phone is turned off and Lost Mode is enabled, you’ll receive an alert when the phone is turned back on, including its current location.

When you recover your phone, you’ll need to enter your passcode, or the passcode you created when enabling Lost Mode. Then sign in to your iCloud account to regain access to all of your Apple services like Apple Pay.

Don’t Confront the Phone Stealer

If you able to track your mobile device to a house or apartment building, don’t confront the thief on your own, doing this can be dangerous, instead call for help.

Contact Your Carrier

If you are unable to get your device back, contact your carrier from your neighbors or relative device and explain the situation, your carrier will flag your device international mobile Equipment identity number and, in most cases, prevent that number from working on the network, making the device useless to whoever is in position of your mobile device.

File an insurance claim

If you have AppleCare Plus with Theft and Loss or pay monthly for device insurance through your carrier, start the claim process as soon as possible. You’ll need to fill out some paperwork and pay a deductible in order to get a replacement device.

To begin the process for a phone that has AppleCare Plus with Theft and Loss covered, use this website. Filing a claim will erase your iPhone and prevent anyone else from being able to use it. Should you find your phone after filing a claim, you can cancel it. But you’ll need to set up your iPhone as new.

Contact your carrier directly to begin the claim process.

After recovering your lost iPhone, take a few minutes to set it up to your taste.

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