Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard | Application

Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard - Application

The Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard is from the Everence credit union. The card is available for business or personal use. Everence donates 1.5% of each of the card’s transaction total to the charity. The cardholder is allowed to choose from a list of thousands of possibilities, including churches.

This is one unique card that gives people a chance of naming the nonprofit (the Neighbor) where they want contributions to go. Additionally, cardholders can use MyNeighbor in donating to a charity cause. Then designate the same charity as the recipient of the 1.5 percent contribution.

Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard

Generating more than $180,000 in donations, for charitable organizations from the start of a concerted marketing/awareness campaign in spring 2017 through the end of 2018, this card is one charity focused credit card you should sign up for.

As a cardholder, you get access to operate your account via mobile app or online banking without fuss. Cardholders also enjoy benefits like $0 annual fee, low cost of transaction fees and so much more that this card offers.


If you want a card that helps you donate to a charitable cause of your choice and helps you earn rewards simultaneously, this is the card. Let’s see how this benefits add up:

  • Purchases made with your card attracts benefits if payment is made within 25 days of the statement due date. Amongst these special benefits are zero interest rate and no annual fee charge on the card.
  • You can lock and unlock your card using the mobile app.
  • Get easy access to your accounts via the online banking or the card’s mobile app.
  • Cardholders can choose their neighbor and favorite charitable organization. The selected group gets the earned reward dollars as generated donations from your normal transaction amount as well as spending.
  • Use your card anywhere to make purchases especially where contactless payments are accepted. You can also use your card for online purchases.
  • Card comes with chip technology for added protection of user’s account. This means that your online transactions with this card is safe.


Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard Application

Support any charity cause of your choice, by applying for the Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard:

  • Launch a functional web browser
  • Log into everence.com/banking/credit-and-chargecards/myneighbor
  • On the portal, provide the following – Member number/username and your secret phrase
  • Tick on the “Login” link to kick start the application process


Unlock your Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard, by activating with the number listed on the card’s website.

Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard Login

These login steps will help you securely log into your card account:

  • Scroll to Everence login page
  • Enter your Member Number /Username
  • Enter your Password
  • Tap on the “login” link, to gain access.

Password Recovery

Recover the keys to unlock your Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard using these steps:

  • Visit the login page, tap on the “Forgot Password” link
  • Provide your Username on the new page. Complete the login process by clicking on the “Continue” link, to answer your security questions and reset your password.

Bill Payment

Just get acquainted with these steps, and you can make your card payment with ease:

  • Sign into your online account, using the logging steps mentioned above.
  • After you have successfully logged in, choose a suitable payment option and make your bill payment.

Customer Service

Visit the Everence MyNeighbor credit union secure webpage to get the customer service number with which to contact them with for answers to questions you may have about the Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard.

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